Bristol Local Security Company

Why Hire A Local Security Company

When you are looking to hire a local security company , finding the right provider to care for your facilities is critical.

Maybe you have multiple locations or a very large building. That means that you will need a national security company. Mind you, bigger isn’t always better. 

There are certain instances when a national might be your best option—like you have locations in several cities and need a single, central provider. However, in most cases a monolithic national security contractor may come with a host of issues and obstacles you have not acknowledged. What can you do to avoid such hassle?

Virtue lies in the middle ground

Maybe you know that you need much more than what a small operation is likely to be able to give you.

You would prefer to work with a national security company, but your security needs are simply way beyond the scope of a ‘Mom & Pop” operation or small local business.

There has to be a middle ground, a security provider option somewhere in between the really big guys and the little guys.


Why Big Usually Isn’t Better

First, let’s define better when it comes to security services.

Most Facilities Managers might consider better to be a security company that:

  • Has very good professionals.
  • Has clear pricing that is simple to understand.
  • Makes it easy to know who your point person is when there’s a problem.
  • Gets back to you quickly when an issue comes up.
  • Cares about your facilities and works hard to keep your business, not just to get the contract.


Your security services contractor is a long-term relationship. If you were to choose, would you rather be in a relationship with the big guys set up somewhere else or your local Bristol neighbouring business?

A good relationship between you, your employees and your security company is essential.

A local Bristol based security company understands the concept of community. It is simply better equipped to find, hire and manage great people from right there: Bristol.

What are the perks of a Mid-Security Service Provider such as us?

Mid-Security Service Providers have indeed quite a few advantages, that certainly match the capabilities of larger companies.

Let’s look at how several service measures that you’ll want to keep in mind when deciding who is the best match for your needs.


A small to mid-local security company offers the best mix of personal with operational responsiveness.

In these operations it is usually very apparent who your point of contact is, and you can reach the ‘top dog’ if necessary.

Furthermore, as a big enough service, they are poised to offer you operational responsiveness like flexible staffing, quick response to issues or changing circumstances.


Mid-Security & Local Security Providers truly shine on this one.

With large, qualified staff on-site, they are usually best at offering flexibility when you need more (or less) people servicing your facility.


What could be better than a local provider to meet your needs?

It simply doesn’t get any better than a Mid-Security Service.


A small to Mid-Size Security Company quite often will have developed systems to find, screen and manage a great team.

Like the big competitors, they will offer you great benefits, but they will also have greater access to a network of local staff.


Small To Midsized Security Companies quite often handle a wide array of basic and specialized services.

Likewise, they can be creative and innovative with problem-solving because they are not limited by the rules and red tape of national security companies franchises. They can easily adjust their services to fit your growing and changing needs.


If you want to keep your money local, companies like us are the way to go.

Local people will spend their money in business like yours. That truly sounds like a fair and good deal.


A company as ours does not look for hundreds of thousands of clients. We love to keep things local. Thus, you are way more relevant with business who don’t sell services nationwide.


Should you go bigger or should you go better?

All in all, huge national security corporations are equipped to handle the multi-million-pound accounts. Certainly, they will be happy to take on your business. However, will you ever be a priority? Not likely.

At the end of the day, while a national company may be able to outbid the local guys, they will cost you more in the long run by wasting your time. They set your needs on the back burner to focus on their bigger accounts and wade into their bureaucracy.

Furthermore, national security companies focus on protecting their enormous profit margin to keep their shareholders satisfied. It is exactly this mindset that drives their methods, systems and not committing to quality service or a great reputation in your community.

Usually, initial quotes are priced low. However, these leading monolithic national companies are simply not worth it when you add up the time and money you will end up spending waiting on service. Consequently, trying to figure out who to hold accountable when there is an issue and cutting through red tape to get the job done. Due to these reasons, locally based, companies here in Bristol, such as On-Site Security Ltd are becoming the industry favourite. We might not be bigger, but we are certainly better. And we’ll be more than happy to prove it to you.