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Industrial & Warehouse Security

Protect Your Business and Assets

Industrial and warehouse facilities are critical components of many businesses, and securing these facilities is essential to protecting your business and assets. At On Site Security, we understand the unique challenges that come with securing industrial and warehouse facilities, and we’re here to help. Our security personnel are experienced in industrial and warehouse security and are trained to handle a wide range of security threats, from theft and vandalism to natural disasters and other emergencies.

Our personnel are equipped with the latest technology, including body-worn cameras and two-way radios, to ensure quick and effective communication during security incidents.

Our security services are designed to meet the specific needs of industrial and warehouse facilities, including:

  • Access control and entry management
  • Surveillance and monitoring
  • Emergency response planning
  • Patrols and security checks
  • Loss prevention and theft deterrents
  • Parking and traffic management
Industrial Security

Industrial security crimes refer to a specific category of illegal activities that occur within industrial settings, such as factories or warehouses. These crimes can include theft, vandalism, and unauthorised access to sensitive information. Understanding the types of industrial security crimes is crucial for both industrial security guards and businesses operating in these environments. It allows for more effective preventative measures to be put in place, as well as improved detection and investigation processes should a crime occur. Additionally, understanding the types of industrial security crimes can help businesses assess potential risks, better protect their assets and maintain the safety of their employees and customers.

Industrial Security

We understand that every industrial facility is unique, and we’ll work closely with you to create a security plan that meets your specific needs. Our team is available 24/7 to respond to any security concerns that may arise.

Choose On Site Security for Your Industrial Security

  • Experienced and highly trained security personnel
  • Customised security plans to meet the needs of each facility
  • Latest technology to ensure effective communication
  • 24/7 availability
  • Affordable and competitive pricing

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