How Much Does It Cost To Hire Security Guards 2021 ?

It doesn’t matter what type of occasion or event is; the people’s safety and security is always the top priority of the organizers. Other than that, when you hire a professional security company, it can make an excellent impression about your business’s status and help you prevent any disturbances, whether expected or unexpected ones. But in the end, you will be enjoying peace of mind that every individual attending your event is safe and secure.

Like any other service, there is a big question, and it is the security guard hiring cost. Some companies might be reluctant to hire professional security guards, as it can generate an additional expense for them. The majority of people employ the security providers’ services because, with such a firm, a guard can easily be replaced if the client isn’t satisfied. The number of guards deployed at a specific location can also be adjusted easily, as it only depends on the changing need or risk.

Average costs associated with hiring security guards

The average security guard hiring cost is approximately £12.50 to £120 per hour. However, it is dependent on a number of factors like the guard’s experience, location, and level of risk because this cost may go as high as £ 120. Some security companies charge on an hourly basis, while others may offer a fixed quote, but there can always be an indication that the cost might increase. However, to be clear about the price, it is better that you send all your requirements and request your quotation so that you can manage your budget in an effective manner. This way, you will be able to make sure that there are not any unpleasant surprises.

Usually, there are higher insurance costs for the security companies that employ armed guards. The armguards also need to undergo firearms training and meet the licensing requirements. You may not require an arm security guard’s services unless you require a high level of protection or are in a high-risk situation as these may cost £120 per hour.

It also depends on the security concerns that you may have. You would probably hire those security guards who have extensive experience to handle any potentially dangerous situations. Usually, the services of retired, off-duty police officers or ex-military personnel are enlisted by the best firms, who have extensive security experience. These security guards sometimes have to perform complicated tasks like escorting you or drive you somewhere in the middle of the night or an odd day for a few hours. The security guard hiring cost of these experienced guards typically costs around £120.

Different factors affecting the cost of hiring security guards

  • Armed vs. Unarmed

The armed guards can be a little more expensive as compared to the unarmed ones. The reason for this variation is that the armed guards are in demand, and therefore, they can command a higher salary. Another reason is the cost that may go into purchasing and maintaining a firearm, practicing, and then obtaining a license.

Fortunately, you may not go for an armed guard unless you are in an area of high-risk or you have some high-value items to protect. It is quite unlikely that you will need all your guards to be armed because you can keep your costs down with the mix of armed and unarmed guards.


  • Amount and type of experience

An experienced guard who has advanced skills is able to command a tremendous cost to hire. This experience may include the length of time on the job and the type of past experience that the guard has. If an experienced guard happens to take the young guard under his wing, for such a job, you can hire a guard who is young and inexperienced, as long as he possesses the attributes of an effective agent. Different traits like focus, attentiveness, a sense of purpose, and attention to detail are essential for any guard, but these are not something that you may really be able to train.

An off-duty police officer who would like to go for some extra income can also be hired. Some guards are former military or law enforcement personnel, which can make them quite uniquely qualified. These people are experts in identifying any threats and are able to deescalate or neutralize a situation. These individuals have training in lethal and non-lethal combat and are trained observers. Guards at such a level can be quite expensive and may charge £ 120 and may be worth it if you feel that your personality security is at risk.

  • Time of the day

Another important factor for hiring a guard can be time. If you are to make a contract with private security for an after-hours party, it may be a little expensive. If you are hiring guards during the day time for egress control, it will undoubtedly be less as compared to the overnight guards for which you will be paying a premium.

It can also be a little more expensive to hire emergency response guards than the ones who are contracted regularly at your location. It can be costly to hire temporary contract security professionals because of the high hourly rate, but it can still be quite a cost-effective solution than adding a full-time employee to the payroll if you need them only for a particular time.

  • Competitive wage market

The cost of guards will be varying according to location, as with everything, from housing to the utilities. When you hire a guard in a remote area, it may likely be more affordable as compared to hiring on the coasts. Similarly, in densely populated areas like cities, guards can be more in demand and therefore more expensive, but you might be having more access to individuals with skill and experience and have more selection. The local tax burden and regulations can also add to your costs.


If you would like to have guards but don’t want to place them on payroll, you have to option to choose between going for a private security firm or hiring an independent guard. By hiring an independent guard, you can save some money because they may not have much overhead as compared to a firm, but there are also some disadvantages.

There may not be any checks and balances with the sole proprietor, and if they get sick, you will have no guard. If you don’t care for the service that they offer, you may have to start from scratch. Therefore, you cannot cut corners, and any due diligence is up to you. You have to check their background, insurance, and licensing.

A security company, on the other hand, can take care of everything. The best thing is that they offer you plenty of flexibility if there is any change in your needs. You can add more guards with only one call, and select your level of experience as required, and add a qualification or a shift. Some firms even offer remote guarding, and they place cameras in far-flung and hazardous areas and monitor you remotely.

  • Related services

Security companies are able to provide more than just security guards. Before you take on your employees or clients, you would like to have a background investigation was done that may need more extensive research than the one available online. With the help of a security company, you can offer a security assessment for your business or residential sites.

Though it depends on your company, the security personnel might be visiting your site and have an intake session, where they will be able to learn your concerns and needs regarding security. They will be taking a complete inventory of your current security practices and structure, identify any potential weaknesses and provide you with the solutions.

Different types of security guard services

The cost of hiring your security guard can also depend on the types of guard services you may need. The following are a few types that you should consider.

  • Security consultation

The first and the most crucial step is to choose the right level of security. A security consultant will visit you, assess your risk and then make any recommendations according to your requirements in order to make sure that all your security needs are met. Security is their priority, and therefore, they will identify your risks and make sure that the area that you consider vulnerable is nothing to worry about.

  • Office and corporate security

There are a number of variables even with this particular sector. If your location is a quiet business park where significant incidents cannot happen, a controversial industry, or an area of high crime, then the costs may be different. Some business sectors can even attract some unwanted attention, and you will be required to pay for a higher level of protection.

  • Security and patrol of a residential community

There are also unique considerations regarding residential security. You may have a vital business facility located in a high crime area or a gated community. You might be going with the necessary level of security for the latter, but the wealthy homeowners are always ready to pay a higher premium for their protection. They also expect experience and would like to review the credentials of the guards.

  • Manufacturing and industrial security

There can be a wide range of guarding needs in the industrial sector. You may need a guard for the parking lot to protect the employees from property theft if you are in a high crime area. You may need to protect the raw materials that are in-demand or are expensive. The products that you manufacture can be a temptation to the thieves.

  • Hospitality security

If you are in the business of hosting events, you may be required to control who gets in and out. This is when you need security in order to keep out the invited people and protect the guests from any potential threats. If a significant customer or a celebrity is deciding between your location or the other, then the deciding factor might be your ability to offer peace of mind and security.

  • Security of medical facilities

Security for the medical facilities is required for a number of reasons. The medications and the equipment in the hospital can be expensive, while some medications can be the controlled substances, and these can be the targets of the desperate addicts or the ones who would like to resale market for the items. Usually, extra security is required in the emergency room, as it can be emotionally charged and dangerous.

  • Petrochemical/Energy security

Security guards may be required to watch for any terrorists, vandals, or disgruntled employees. Drill rigs, windmills, pipelines, and other energy equipment can be located in a desert, away from the population, or on a platform present in the ocean. It may make these places challenging to guard, as people might stumble into areas where they can get hurt or don’t belong.

  • Event security

Security is all about controlling who can enter or exit the event space, but it also means protecting the people or the equipment that can be targeted. The security level of a plumbing convention may be different from a speech of a politician, a celebrity, or a controversial figure. Typically, these people travel with their own security, but they can coordinate for full coverage and protect the event space interests. It also depends on who you would like to keep out, any people who have not purchased the ticket, or the wrongdoers who may have intentions to harm the attendees.


Bottom Line

You can keep your security costs under control by avoiding over-hiring. If the risk of security at your event or facility is low, then you can save your money by hiring unarmed security guards. You also have the option of hiring an entry-level guard who has minimal experience. Usually, the visual presence of a guard in uniform is enough of a deterrent in such type of situations.