is being a security guard an easy job

Nowadays, security jobs are easy to come by; with the increase in business, growth in population, and increase in crime, and security companies are often in need of security officers. Unlike various other career options, private security companies often look for job seekers who have little to no experience in the relative field and then train those individuals on the job.

In today’s shared culture, the security job has a significantly underserved negative reputation. Still, it is worth noting that the security personnel offers a necessary and worthwhile function in modern business aspects, from personal safety and manufacturing to retail. The job description of a security job can undoubtedly shed light on why working as a security officer is an easy job. One should look into donning this uniform with pride.


What do we expect from security jobs?

Unlike other career options, the private security companies usually hire job seekers who have no experience in the field and then offer them training on the job. Instead of saddling with a lot of student loan debt, one can jump straight into the job pool with the security position of entry-level.

The starting wage of an entry-level security guard may not be that much. Still, various security companies offer decent packages that may include medical, paid vacations, profit-sharing, and retiring plans. Some companies might help to pay for the college career that some individuals continue to pursue.

  • Physical activity opportunity

Some people don’t like to become corralled in a cubicle, sitting at a desk, and many studies show that sedentary jobs can contribute to health-related issues. For most of the day, most security guards are on their feet, performing many tasks. This keeps them focused and in shape throughout their shift.

In some places, baton sensors are scattered throughout the patrol area of a guard, & at certain times during the shift, they need to be tapped by the guard. This helps to make sure that the patrol areas are covered and keep track of the exact time a guard is present in a specific area. This can be a chance for a security guard to get moving and avoid being nailed to a chair.

  • Advancement potential

After getting hired, there are several steps that an individual can take to raise his value as an employee and earn fair wages. One option can be a permit to carry a firearm because an armed security guard’s salary is 30% more than the unarmed counterparts. In addition to that, some companies may not hire individuals who don’t have a permit. No armored car company would like to hire a guard equipped with only pepper spray and a baton.

  • Something for everybody

There is a good variety of specialties and niches in security careers, unlike the other employment pursuits. Usually, the companies try to match the officers’ preferences with their assignments, and it is mutually beneficial to get them engaged in their work.

For an introvert, a nighttime job in an industrial setting can be a better fit. One may guard against fire, theft, and vandalism. Security camera screens at a bank can be a tool at their disposal, while regular patrols of any property can be another. Various other tasks may include checking up on security equipment and fire control.

  • It is helpful to branch out into other careers

An essential experience as a security officer can open several doors to various new career options. People start to take these individuals more seriously who have a few years under their belt as a security officer or armed patrol officer. The following are a few options available to a seasoned job finder.

  • Personal bodyguard

Being a personal bodyguard is among the most exciting and well-paying careers. These are responsible for protecting individuals like politicians, celebrities, and wealthy people.

  • Private investigator

A private investigator’s career can go just about anywhere. One can work for a company or get an indie and go for a license. Different assignments can range from theft protection to infidelity to child custody cases and a lot more.

  • Police officer

It doesn’t necessarily require experience being a police officer, but it is one of the most revered careers. As long as an individual has a diploma and passes a background check, one can enroll in a police academy. Starting as a security officer gives a good idea of what it is like to defend people and their property.


What skills are needed to become a security guard?

The most critical skill for this career is to observe and document any situation accurately. Usually, a security guard’s primary purpose is not to prevent an incident because, many times, these incidents are unpreventable and inevitable. A security guard is expected to be observant, alert, and exact in documenting any issues.

The key to undertaking a security career is good split-second decision making. Physical fitness is also a strong point, and there are times when a patrol assignment needs walking, or a guard has to chase down someone or run to get help. A security officer has to remember that anyone can take care of the weapon, and therefore, it requires work to take care of the firearm.

Security industry job outlook

Though many industries tend to shrink because of their economic situations, the security companies continue to hire. The job growth in the security industry is around 5%, & a career as a security officer is considered one of the most stable of all. Therefore, people will not stop needing security officers anytime soon.

Once an individual can pick enough experience in a company, he can become more of an asset and consider moving to other companies for more generous employment packages. The wages may vary, depending on the geographic location, so one can move up the ladder while relocating to exciting new places simultaneously.

Easiest security jobs

Security is an industry where jobs vary wildly, from security officers carrying weapons to the ones who manage a low-risk environment and perform quite simple tasks. There are several examples of easy security jobs in all kinds of places. For long-term job security, while working in security, the following can be the best places to find easy opportunities on the stress levels.

  • Shopping mall security officer

There are different functions that mall security guards can serve, as it depends on the type and size of the mall that they are working in. The main idea is to prevent vandalism and theft, and they usually are assigned a specific area of a mall for patrolling.

It is not uncommon for a mall security officer to face rowdy teenagers, shoplifters, and sometimes fights, but it is worth noting that the stress usually is minimal. If someone is employed at a large urban mall, he might need some training and certification. Only a Christmas shopping time can be a little stressful for them.

  • Museum guard

It may require long hours to work as a security guard at a gallery or an art museum, but for most days, the most pressing issue would be to face whether the tourists are taking pictures when they are not allowed to.

It can be an enjoyable job if someone enjoys art because one can spend days guarding exhibitions and paintings. Guards can be an essential part of keeping a museum running, and on a good day, they can help the parents find their lost toddler.

  • Office building security officer

The majority of security officers who work at office buildings spend most of the time in the surveillance room, monitoring the security cameras. Some may be required to record the visitors or check the badges to make sure that only the authorized individuals can get access to the building.

Whatever duties a building security officer is assigned, the risks associated with guarding the private companies are usually relatively minimal. If there is any suspicious activity or any emergency, the security guard would have to call the police or the medical responders. They may also be given a task to write up reports.

  • Casino surveillance

Gaming is the most significant focus for the security workers in a casino, and whether the patrons are stealing, cheating, or engaging in any irregular activities. Most of the security officer’s time is spent in the surveillance room, studying the sound recording devices and the cameras carefully.

In case of a crime on the premises, the local authorities visit the casino surveillance officer to give those tapes and recordings as evidence. These workers can even walk the casino floor, but this may not be their primary duty. The majority of casinos provide on-the-job training, but knowledge of games and scams is usually required.

  • Courthouse security officer

Many people think that working for security in a location that is filled with law-breakers cannot be easy, but a courthouse has plenty of police officers, metal detectors, and various security precautions than almost any other building.

The court security officers are able to escort the jury members or defendants, enforce courtroom standards according to the wishes of the judge, relay messages, and even take the phone messages. Therefore, the level of risk as a courthouse security officer is minimal considering the environment.

  • Computer security consultant

Sitting in a surveillance room may not be easy for some; therefore, one can try sitting behind a desk. If one has skills, computer security can be a great job and might be self-taught or supplied through a computer science program. The companies employ these workers to fight cybercrime, whether spyware, viruses, or hackers’ threats.

Though it can be a comfortable position, one needs to know what he is doing because if there is a security threat in the company’s network, then it can be damaging for the career. Nowadays, computer security is becoming more & more in demand.

  • Special event security guard

Special event security is able to work at high-profile events like the latest pop star stadium show, Super bowl, trade-shows, or corporate-sponsored conventions. Significant security precautions can be involved in large events like Olympics or campaign conventions.

When an individual is merely working for a sports center, auditorium, or expo center, then the duties may include crowd control, overseeing parking, making sure that the guests have the right tickets, or assessing certain building areas. This job can also give a chance to interact with celebrities or meet with their personal security staff.

  • Vip escort security

Private security guards work for business people, celebrities, and other important people, escorting these people to and from the airport, clubs, restaurants, and events. When working for someone with fans, there is always a risk involved, but there are times when a personal security guard can serve other functions like securing luggage, calling ahead, or arranging transportation.

One can get paid more in a personal security job, and these particular positions are reserved for those individuals who have a decent amount of experience. These people often get a chance to experience quite an exciting way of life.

  • Crisis management

There are times when emergencies happen on the local or state levels, and then working in security or law enforcement can be stressful and also dangerous. If an individual has the right education, then crisis management can be the brains behind the operation. This job involves planning and preparation, whether one works for a private company or a government agency.

One spends most of the time drawing up strategies and protocols to handle any disasters, including terrorism, natural disasters, crime, or possible threats. It can be a prestigious position for smart thinkers, and it can be a great way to work security without being on the front line.


Bottom Line

A career as a security guard can be easy and anything that you want it to be. It can be a reliable career choice, a stepping stone to other job pursuits, or an excellent opportunity to help people. At the end, whichever you choose, becoming a security officer can surely put you on the path to success.