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A number of high profile construction projects have been announced over the past few weeks. And with these projects comes the promise of plenty of jobs opening up for construction workers and tradespeople across Bristol which means more site managers would need to consider construction Site Security . The UK construction business is a multi-million-pound industry. According to the Allianz Cornhill (insurer), staggering latest statistics recently reported that theft alone costs the industry £800M a year 2019.

As such, the construction industry currently struggles significantly with lost values through both burglary and vandalism. For instance, thefts of vehicles and machinery are common, whilst construction sites are also a popular target for the theft of metals, with over 7,000 metal-related thefts recorded per month. Moreover, plant vehicles have less than a 10% recovery rate following a theft, largely due to identification and proper registration issues. Construction Site Security  will prevent these problems.

Therefore, regardless of the project your completing, On-Site Security can prevent the property or material on construction sites from being damaged, stolen or otherwise lost. Consequently, you don’t have to worry about your valuable equipment being damaged in any way.

We provide security services throughout; Bristol Bath & Gloucester .

Our security guards have the training necessary to know when something is suspicious, and to prevent anyone from entering the premises unless otherwise directed to.

To safeguard your site and reduce the level of criminal activity, On Site Security will deploy only the most professional construction security guards and officers with relevant, industry-specific and, where required, we can deliver CSCS Licensed Operatives.

For a motivated, dedicated and customer-focused security company that can deliver a rapid and effective response to security breaches, get in touch with On Site Security today.

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