Improve the Security of Construction Sites

Security of Construction Sites with On Site Security

Improve the Security of Construction Sites: Numerous construction developments operate to tight budgets and pressing deadlines, meaning leased or owned equipment and tools need to be easily and quickly accessible to contractors.

But the open environment of building sites, along with scarce storage and security measures, can make construction projects an appealing target for thieves.

What’s more, statistics from the NICB (National Insurance Crime Bureau) reveal that tools and equipment have a comparatively low recovery rate. In 2014 only 23% of stolen construction equipment was eventually returned to its owners.

The Necessity of Security for a Construction Site

Builders are planners. If the measurements are off, if supplies are not ordered on time, if crews are not scheduled properly, these mistakes impact every element of a building plan. However, the fallout from the theft of stolen or vandalized sites or equipment is far worse. It’s not just a production timeline that is affected but the actual product in the making. There are items that need to be replaced or repaired, and this takes time and money. Construction site security guards make every builder’s professional life easier.

According to a recent Safety Outlook report, thefts are most common between November and March, and the list of the most targeted equipment includes backhoes, wheel and skip loaders, skid steers and towable equipment. Materials like copper pipes are also often stolen from unattended sites.

To deter such theft and vandalism, lower risk and keep projects on time and within budget, clients can take these eight risk mitigation measures:

  • Make security part of your building plan. An essential part of construction site planning – whether new home builds or live-play-work plazas – is determining from the start how security measures will be implemented to prevent the theft and damage of valuable tools and construction materials.
  • Hire SIA licenced security guards. The physical presence of security guards is invaluable for any building site. Thieves will assume there are security cameras in play and will be ready to eliminate them, but the appearance of actual security guards may discourage them from attempting anything underhanded at all. Security guards patrol the site, are aware of any areas that may be problematic or attractive to thieves, and their presence alone helps minimize any worry about the safety of your building site after working hours.
  • Advise your crew. All workers should know that there is a security guard on site, but they should also be made to take responsibility themselves to help safeguard the site. Encourage all employees and subcontractors to maintain awareness of their surroundings and report any suspicious activities.
  • Reach out to the neighbours. Construction zones are loud and messy, and anyone working or living nearby must have a great deal of patience to tolerate the project. Contact neighbouring properties and their residents or owners to make peace, reassure them, and ask for their help in reporting anything that looks suspicious.
  • Conduct inventory. Identify every piece of equipment, from smallest to biggest, at the start of the job to create an inventory list. Check the list regularly and make your security guard aware of the list’s contents. Lock up all materials and secure vehicles and equipment.
  • Limit access points. It is easier to control a construction site when you secure the perimeter of the area and create only one access point to be monitored. Limit vehicle access and task your On-site Security guard with keeping track of who enters and leaves the site.
  • Add lighting. Darkness is a thief’s friend. You can deter unwanted visitors to the site by lighting it brightly in the night-time hours.
  • Use video monitoring. While technology cannot replace On-site Security guards, the combination of video technology and human security monitoring are a powerful weapon against crime at your construction site.

Not only do On-site Security guards protect your construction site from theft and vandalism, but their presence also protects you from liability. If you are building in a residential area, except that curious and adventurous young children will find their way to your site and play whenever possible. Having a security guard on the premises keeps kids away from potential danger, which maintains your reputation as a safety-first builder. Contact On-site Security to discuss your construction site security needs.

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Improve the Security of Construction Sites